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Career Counselling

Confused? Don't know where your career is heading? Relax!
Our GENIE will answer all your career queries. Consult our GENIE online for guidance and get the best advice for a successful career.

If you are not sure what is your goal then how can you achieve it?

We focus on what's "hot" inside - the fiery energy of your passion !
Interested in learning more?     

Individual Career Counseling
Career counseling is a highly individualized and supportive process through which you and our GENIE work together to help you define your career/life path. You will work with our GENIE, at your own pace, on the parts of the Career Planning process appropriate to your needs. Telephone counseling appointments are also available. An effective career planning process involves:

• Self assessment: Using a variety of worksheets and assessment tools, we help you clarify your skills, values, interests, personality traits, preferred work environment, desired people, interactions, talents, and career development needs.
• Generate career options: Through discussions with your career GENIE, the various worksheets and the standardized assessment inventories, we help you identify career options to consider.
• Explore career options: Learning about your career choices is an important step in this process. You can read about your career ideas in our Career Resources Library and we will help you prepare for and conduct information interviews.

• Set goals and take action: With your career GENIE, you will prepare for job search, plan for networking, write your résumé, and practice and prepare for interviews. These are all actions that your career GENIE can help you learn to do.

Our GENIE’ s will review the query and go through the details provided by you.

A dedicated panel of expert GENIE ‘s has been engaged to ensure that you get the right guidance. Our service will provide you with a very personalized career strategy taking into account the latest employment trend

Meeting with our GENIE can help you plan and organize your major and career decisions.

can listen to your situation,
respond to your ideas,
give you feedback,
teach you strategies for making decisions,
and help you formulate your major and career goals.


Here are some examples of situations in which a GENIE could be helpful to you:

Picking a major or career
"I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life."
"I'm an engineering major, but I'm just not very interested in the classes."
"I like majoring in speech, but I don't know what kinds of careers it will lead to."

Getting Experience
"How can I get some experience in advertising?"
"I just completed my student teaching and I hated it. I don't think I really want to be a kindergarten teacher."
"I work 20 hours a week to pay for school. How can I find the time to do an internship?"
Society and Careers
"I am concerned about racial discrimination in the workplace. How will my choice of careers affect this?"
"I want to pursue journalism but someday I want a family. How can I balance work with being a parent?"
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